We’re a co-living housing provider for students and young professionals from all over the world!
We provide around 200 rooms in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.







Manhattan Rooms | $870~/month

East Harlem

All of these rooms are close to the 6 Line, where you can get to Grand Central in just 15 minutes. Stroll west, and land in Central Park in minutes. Reasonably priced supermarkets, cafes, banks and delis are also within a few minutes walk.

Central Harlem

Harlem is perhaps New York City’s most vibrant and historic neighborhood. Get to Times Square in just 25 minutes by train, or enjoy a number of movie theaters, restaurants, banks, supermarkets and coffee shops in your own neighborhood. Oh, how about the Apollo Theater (0.8 mi/1.2 km away), a popular music hall where many famous artists have performed since the 1930s?
And if you’re are a fan of organic food, the local Whole Foods (100 West 125th St.) will have all your favorite ingredients.

Queens Rooms | $750~/month


Sunnyside is a very convenient location for commuting to your job or school in Manhattan, just 20 minutes away from Midtown via the 7 Line. Compared to Manhattan, the rooms are bigger for the same budget. There are two Japanese supermarkets, a Japanese restaurant and a sushi bar. There are also grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, drugstores and banks (Chase, Bank of America) located around the stations as well. The north side of the area has a lot of trees and beautiful houses. If you plan to live in the city long term and want to focus on your studies or job, Sunnyside is highly recommended.


Woodside is the most popular area in the K’z community, especially for students, because it’s a comfortable, quiet and safe neighborhood with affordable housing. Our housing in Woodside is relatively new or renovated compared to the other areas. There are Korean supermarkets, bars, 99¢ shops, and variety of restaurants. If you take an express 7 train from 61st station, it only takes 20 minutes to get to Grand Central.


Elmhurst is known as the tiny Chinatown in Queens. You will be surprised by the cheap prices in the Chinese and Spanish restaurants. If you like cooking, there are also several supermarkets where you can buy food at a low cost. It’s a quiet and safe place. If you have a job or school in Queens and want to save on living costs, then Elmhurst is for you.

Brooklyn Rooms | $750~/month


Home of the hipsters, Bushwick is one of the many trendy neighborhoods on the L Line. Rent in this area is more affordable compared to the other neighborhoods along the L. It takes approximately 30 minutes from Bushwick to Union Square (downtown Manhattan) by train. You will see cool graffiti on the walls while commuting, too!

Female Only | $840~/month

“Female Only Room” is our latest accommodation option. It is the result of an outpouring demand of our patrons. This is perfect for those who are new in the city and for those first timers in sharing a room. Security and comfort is our main goal for this section.

Private Apartment

Private Apartment | $1590/month~

Private apartment is a furnished 1-Bedroom apartment with private bedroom/bathroom/kitchen/living room.

Available for 4 people.(the maximum capacity)

There are comfortable full size bed and sofabed.
Very good for family or couple. Its one minute walk from the apartment to the subway station.

Kz guest room offers affordable temporary housing accommodations for business travel, budget vacations and lodging for relocation.